Project: UserAuthFlat (UAF) Library


The UserAuthFlat (UAF) library is designed to create an extensible framework for performing user/password authentication using a stored flat file. Its focus is on native usage with the Windows CryptoAPI and simple usage from frontend library callers.


The UAF library is written in AutoIt3, a scripting language for Windows. The design goal was a cryptographically secure abstraction layer for storing and verifying user passwords from callers utilizing this language.

Documentation and examples are available within the releases.


This code is under Copyright, and licensed under the GNU AGPL version 3.
Please read and understand this license carefully before running this code as part of a service or distributing copies.

Specifically, use of this code or its compiled programs requires that you provide notice to users of your service how to obtain the source code (including modifications you may have made, if any.) Provided this page/site remains operational, you may link here so long as you periodically verify the site is still available.


Source code can also be found on my GitHub project page.

.7z files can be extracted with the free/open-source 7-zip program.