Using class rookie with 10 rounds

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Round 1: G, O, M

Cataccord, Satellite, Star

Round 2: F, A, Q

Open Accordian, Unipod, Phalanx

Round 3: B, P, L

Stairstep Diamond, Sidebody, Adder

Round 4: E, H, D

Meeker, Bow, Yuan

Round 5: N, J, K

Crank, Donut, Hook

Round 6: C, B, G

Murphy Flake, Stairstep Diamond, Cataccord

Round 7: J, D, A

Donut, Yuan, Unipod

Round 8: K, Q, E

Hook, Phalanx, Meeker

Round 9: N, H, L

Crank, Bow, Adder

Round 10: M, O, P

Star, Satellite, Sidebody